My NGU Student Portal Login: Blackboard, Email Easy Access

My NGU Student Portal, Email, and Blackboard Login

North Greenville University (NGU) offers a variety of resources to students such as the MyNGU student portal, Blackboard Learn LMS, NGU Email access, etc. These digital resources help students to access various academic information and services.

All enrolled students can access all digital resources through their online NGU student account. In this article, we are sharing complete details about the MYNGU Student Portal, Blackboard Learning Management System, and Student Email account.

How to log in to these accounts, recover your accounts by using basic troubleshooting steps in case of any login, sign-up, or account access-related issues.

MyNGU Student Portal Login

My NGU student portal is a one-stop solution to access a variety of student-related services. Student can log in to their accounts and manage their information, edit and update their profile, access their calendar, schedule, find the latest North Greenville University announcements and news, etc.

All students enrolled in NGU can access their student account with the help of the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the MyNGU link located at the footer of the website.
  3. Students can also visit the direct web page at
  4. On the top right side, you will find a login form.
  5. Enter your student username and password.
  6. Click the Login button to access your MyNGU account.

Login credentials for a new student:

If you are a new student then your default login credentials will be…

Username: Your username will be the Last name (capitalize the first letter) + the Last 4 digits of your Student ID #

Password: Your password will be the First 2 letters of your last name (capitalize the first letter) + the First 2 letters of your first name (capitalize the first letter) + Your birthdate in mm/dd/yyyy format, with forward slashes

For example, Eric James, born on March 5, 2001, and having student ID 1245643345, has the following password: JaEr032/05/2001 and username: James3345.

MyNGU Mobile Login

If you want to access the NGU student portal through your mobile browser then you can access the mobile web page. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the MyNGU Mobile website
  • Click the Log In button to open the mobile login page.
  • Enter the same student username and password.
  • Click the Login button.

The mobile website will show you a simple interface that is easy to navigate and access student information.

My NGU Blackboard Login

Students can log in to their Blackboard account and access their courses, announcements, discussion forums, calendar, submit assignments, and contact with instructor and other students. Blackboard login process is given below.

  • Visit the NGU Blackboard login page
  • You will be redirected to the NGU SSO Portal login page.
  • It’s a single sign-on portal to access various services through a single login.
  • Enter your NGU username and password.
  • Press the Login button to access the Blackboard Learn account.

Rapid Identity Singl Sign-On

Identity Automation provides Rapid Identity Single Sign-On services to the education industry. North Greenville University is also using the RapidIdentity SSO login service to manage multiple NGU services through a single login.

The main benefit of this SSO service is that there is no need to remember the multiple login credentials. All services of North Greenville University are accessible through a single SSO login credentials.

To access the NGU SSO login page, please visit

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Western Governors University Student Portal

Student Helpline

For any type of assistance related to the MyNGU student portal, Blackboard LMS, or Email account access issues, please contact the IT Services Help Desk by visiting the NGU support site, calling 1-864-977-7272, or by sending an email to [email protected].


North Greenville University has done a great job by providing digital access to all helpful resources to students. Now all students can access their student portal, NGU Blackboard, Email accounts, and many more services easily.

These powerful tools provide great value and help students access the information and services they want to use and stay updated about new announcements and university information.

If you are also planning to enroll as a new student at North Greenville University then you can check out the easy and step-by-step processes given in this article to access multiple services and manage your account.

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