WGU Admission Portal Login 2024: Application Guide, Status

How to submit an admission application online on the WGU Enrollment Portal? What are the guidelines and basic requirements to apply for the Western Governors University online programs?

Check the newly updated guidelines, step-by-step online application process, and latest updates about the programs and enrollment for new applicants.

WGU Enrollment Portal

Western Governors University has developed an online enrollment portal to help students easily find all admission-related information, guidelines, program-specific requirements, information about the admission process, etc.

It also shows how to create a new WGU Student Portal account and apply for financial aid. The WGU Enrollment portal has simplified the admission process. Students can submit their online applications through an easy streamlined process.

When you visit the enrollment website, you get a simple checklist that shows an easy step-by-step admission process and the details about each step. Students can also contact an education counselor by filling out an online request form.

Note: If you are already associated with WGU and want to pursue higher education or you are a returning student then visit the WGU Student Portal Login page, log in to your account, access the relevant information, and submit your application.

Key Points:

  • Terms start on the 1st of every month.
  • The enrollment process must be completed by the 15th of the proceeding month.
  • Enrollment process takes 4-6 weeks.
  • The deadline for submitting the transcript is 1st of the month before your anticipated start date.

WGU Admission Criteria

All new applicants must read the admission criteria carefully before submitting their online applications. Students must be eligible to apply to WGU University.

There are Eligibility criteria that apply to all new applicants and after that, there are specific criteria.

General Admissions Criteria:

Admission criteria depend on the student’s previous educational history and experience.

WGU evaluates the student’s academic history, and work experience for the high school or college course and takes the decision accordingly.

Students don’t have to think about this as it will be covered in the enrollment process where students will submit their transcripts.

If students do not qualify for the high-quality education standards set by WGU then they can also enroll in the WGU Academy and complete a relevant program of study.

After completing that relevant program from the WGU Academy, students may also meet the admission requirements at WGU.

Program Criteria:

If students are qualified in the General requirements then the program-specific requirements will be evaluated.

These requirements vary from program-to-program such as if a student wants to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program then he must complete a high school diploma or its equivalent.

For more details about the program-specific requirements, please check the below links.

How to Login and Submit the WGU Admission Application?

Please have a look at the admission process you have to follow while submitting your online WGU application.

The admission process is very easy and takes only a few minutes if you have already arranged all the necessary information and documents that will be required.

Students can visit the WGU enrollment portal and submit their applications in an online mode.

Online Application Requirements:

  • Students must have a trusted personal device and a secure web browser installed on the device.
  • Students must be ready with the information about the program name they want to enroll in, their social security number, etc.
  • A good quality internet connection that works properly during the application process.

Steps to submit WGU enrollment application:

  1. Visit the WGU Enrollment Website.
  2. Submit Your WGU Application Online.
  3. Gather and Send Transcripts.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid.
  5. Complete Commit to Start Documents.
  6. Pay the Required Tuition Fees.
  7. Start Your Online Program.

Let’s have a look at the details of each step of the WGU admission process.

Step 1. Visit the WGU Enrollment Portal.

The first step is to open the WGU enrollment portal. Open a web browser on your device and visit https://www.wgu.edu/admissions/enrollment.html.

Western Governors University enrollment page

You will find all important admission-related information, requirements, and guidelines on this page.

Step 2. Submit Your WGU Application Online.

Now students can start their online application process. Click the Apply Now link in the top right corner or visit the Apply for Admission link.

WGU online admission application form

Create a new applicant account by selecting “New Student Application” and providing basic information such as student name, phone number, email address, and zip code.

Select your preferred college and the program of your choice and create a Six-Digit Application PIN. After that click the Next button to process with the next step.  

Note: It is advised to go through all types of requirements before starting the online application. Also, note down your Application PIN. It will be required to create a new student portal account.

Step 3. Gather and Send Transcripts.

Your transcript will be reviewed after you have submitted your online application. WGU has partnered with many educational institutions to transfer your transcripts to WGU free of cost.

In the next application step, Students will follow the below steps to submit their transcripts.

  1. Enter all required information about your previous educational institute.
  2. You will get the information if your institution participates in the free transcript service.
  3. If your institute participates in the free transcript service then you will be asked to use the service to gather transcripts from your previous institute.
  4. Click ‘YES’ to allow WGU to gather the transcripts without paying any additional fees.
  5. If your institute does not participate in the free transcript service then you will have to request the transcript from your institute and send it to WGU through email or Mail.
  6. Both addresses are mentioned below. You may have to pay for this.

Mail option:

Western Governors University
Attn: Transcripts Department
4001 South 700 East, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84107-2533

Electronic option:

Western Governors University,
Student Records 03339400
[email protected]

Step 4. Apply for Financial Aid.

The next step is to create your WGU student account and apply for financial aid. Please visit the MyWGU login page to find out more about how to easily create a new student account and how to log into your account.

You will have to start your financial process right after your admission to WGU. Please login to your student portal and find all details about the financial aid and the online application process.

You will have to submit a Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application by visiting https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa link. Please use the WGU’s school code: 033394.

Learn more about financial aid and speak to your education counselor in case of any queries.

Step 5. Complete Commit to Start Documents.

The next step is to submit your commit to start documents. This process starts once your official transcripts are received by WGU. It will take around 35 to 30 minutes.

You can speak to your educational counselor in case of any issues. After completing this process, your enrollment will be finalized and you will also get your program start date.

Step 6. Pay the Required Tuition Fees.

The next step is to pay the required tuition fee. The due date for the first tuition payment is the 22nd of the month before your start date. Please make fee arrangements in advance.

Tuition payment arrangements must be made by the 22nd of the month before your start date. 

Learn more about paying tuition

Please note that WGU does not charge tuition on a credit-hour basis like other universities do. WGU follow prefers a flat-rate tuition plan where students pay for the terms every six months. During a term, students can complete as many courses as they can.

Fee typeAll Undergraduate School of Education ProgramsAll Graduate School of Education Programs
E-Books & Resources Fee$200$200

Payment Plan:

Western Governors University also offers easy payment plans to pay their tuition fee every month. Students can opt-in for a 4-installment or 6-installment payment plan instead of making a one-time full payment.

Please login to your student portal account, navigate to ‘Financial Services’ -> ‘Make or View Payments‘, and enroll in a payment plan. Please note that the payment plan requires a $50 one-time enrollment fee. There will be no interest charged.

The payment plan is a good option for those students who are not able to cover the entire cost in a single payment and need a flexible payment option.

Payment plan example:

If your tuition fee is $6,000 then the available payment plans are shown below.

Costing4 Installment Plan6 Installment Plan
Total cost$6,000$6,000
Number of payments46
Single payment cost$1,500$1,000

Step 7. Start Your Online Program.

Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled in Western Governors University. You can now start your online program at your convenience.

You can also complete the orientation course to learn more about the WGU, its competency-based programs, required resources, and the learning materials you will be required to complete your degree program.

Your mentor will guide you to plan your degree program.

Benefits of Enrollment in WGU Online Programs

Convenient Option:
Online degree programs offer a convenient and easy option for students. It’s a good choice for those students who are not able to pursue a regular full-time program by attending physical classes.

It is also a good option for working people.

Competency-based programs:
WGU is popular for its competency-based programs. Students can finish as many courses as they want in a term after completing the online assessment test through their WGU student portal account.

It offers more flexibility than regular programs. WGU offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees through a competency-based approach.

High Quality Education:
WGU is committed to offering high-quality education to all students.

Affordable Option:
WGU is an affordable option to get a degree as compared to other universities. It’s a non-profit university and charges a flat rate on every six-month term basis.

Students are likely to pay less than other reputed universities in the United States. Most of the Bachelor’s programs can be completed by paying around $8,000 per year.

Admission Details For Courses and Certificates

WGU Academy which is different from Western Governors University offers different certificate programs. Students can enroll in a single WGU Academy course or multiple courses. It is a good option to get the necessary eligibility requirements for the WGU degree programs.

If you clear any WGU Academy course with a ‘Pass‘ grade then you automatically clear the WGU’s academic requirements for a degree program. If you apply for a degree program, you will have to clear the non-academic requirements only.

Visit the WGU Academy page to check out the complete information.

WGU Student Enrollment Helpline

Students can speak to an enrollment counselor by calling the WGU Enrollment phone number at 1-866-225-5948. You can ask your admission and application process-related questions.


Is WGU Accepting international students?

As of now, WGU is not accepting international students. Only students living in the United States (The exceptions are U.S. active-duty military personnel and their families at overseas installations and individuals living in Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.) can submit their applications.

How can I log in to my WGU Application and check the status?

Students can visit the WGU Application Login page and access their online application. It’s good for those students who haven’t finished their admission application. Students can come back again anytime and submit their application. Please follow the below login steps.

i. Visit the WGU Application Login page.
ii. Click the Applicant Login link in the top menu.
iii. Enter your Email address and the PIN you have created in your previous session.
iv. Click the Login button.
v. Check the current status of your WGU application.

If you forgot your PIN then retrieve that by clicking the Forgot Pin link.


Submitting your online application for Admission to Western Governors University is not a tough task. If a student reads all the eligibility requirements in advance, arranges all the required information, and follows all application process steps carefully then the application process becomes very easy.

To help students, we have shared a step-by-step enrollment process. We have also shared other related information such as how to create a student portal account, what are the financial services options and payment plans, etc.

We hope that you like this article. You may share your suggestions or ask any questions in the comment section below.

Finally, Thank you for reading this article.

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